IPL Therapy in La Costa, CA

IPL Therapy harnesses broadband light to improve the condition of your skin. Patients come to MEDHERO with a range of skincare concerns, such as sun spots, acne and texture changes. IPL therapy has become a popular treatment for the above conditions and much more. Learn more about IPL therapy, a non-invasive and affordable procedure, to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

IPL Therapy in La Costa, CA

What Is IPL Therapy?

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment uses technology to address specific skin conditions. A handheld device utilizing broadband light allows penetration of this wavelength into the deeper layers of your skin, promoting positive molecular changes without an injection or incision. This targeted therapy can be used on skin conditions including:

  • Sunspots;
  • Rosacea;
  • Skin texture irregularities;
  • Acne;
  • Hair removal;
  • And photo rejuvenation.

This in-office procedure is non-invasive and patients can generally expect to be back home the same day. Depending on your skin’s condition and response to IPL treatment, a series of IPL treatments may be recommended for optimal results.

With this medical procedure, a consultation is necessary before getting started and not all skin types may benefit from IPL treatment. As with any cosmetic procedure, individual results may vary. Temporary bruising, darkening of sunspots, or crusting may be noticed after a session as the skin responds to IPL therapy but will soon heal. Please discuss any concerns and potential risks with our experienced staff at MEDHERO before starting any medical treatment.

What to Expect with IPL Therapy

Multiple treatments are often used to address a specific skin condition. You may expect from 3 to 6 treatments as part of a series. Our team member will use a handheld device during the course of a single treatment, passing it over a targeted area of your skin. This delivers important broad-spectrum wavelengths of light deeper into the layers of the skin.

There is a recommended skin care regimen suggested prior to starting therapy. Starting with a gentle cleanser, specific moisturizers and other products are to be part of your morning and evening skincare routine. Our team members will review all pre-and post-treatment skincare regimens with you before you get started.

IPL Therapy in La Costa, CA

Improve Your Skin’s Condition Today

San Clemente and La Costa residents can rely on the experienced team at MEDHERO for their urgent care and wellness needs. Dr. Greg Moreno, Dr. Keith Yablonicky and highly-qualified associates offer IPL therapy and a host of alternative treatments as part of an individualized plan of care. Schedule your IPL Therapy visit today at either our La Costa or San Clemente locations by clicking here.